Friday, May 23, 2008

Mission Painting Stripes Complete

Ok, so painting the stripes was not horrible, but taping the lines was a true nightmare. The first line I taped ended up being three-quarters of an inch off by the time I got all the way around the room. I checked it with a level as I put the tape up. It took me forever to tape it too. So, I pulled it all down because it needed to be within one-quarter of an inch to meet my approval. My dad had to help me with the first line and then the rest was easy from there. I am very pleased with how the stripes turned out!! I put baby boy's bedding on to see how it would look.

Next up: my good friend Stacy has a very talented mom who is going to script something on the wall for me. From there, we'll paint a moon and some stars, add curtains, hang the two wall hangings David found and add some final touches. Should be ready to go in a matter of weeks! This weekend we are going to look for a bed and dresser for the boy. The dresser will go in the nursery and Addison will sleep in the bed until he can. Her crib will then go into the nursery. Lots of mismatch going on!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

29 Weeks!

Today was another great doctor's appointment. First, I had an ultrasound. Both babies are in the vertex position. The tech said at 32 weeks they generally stop turning around. Hopefully Baby A will get nice and cozy in this position!! Her head was behind Baby B, so we were unable to see her face. The ultrasound pics didn't turn out as clear as previous ultrasounds. I think it is because they are much bigger now!

Baby A 2 lbs 15 oz. 53rd percentile
Baby B 2 lbs 13 oz. 49th percentile
Blood pressure: 114/70 (must have been all that walking...not!)
Fundal height: 35 weeks
Weight gain: 33-35 pounds?

I joked that something must be wrong with his measuring tape because my fundal height was 32 weeks just a week ago. Of course, it depends on how they are positioned. I also mentioned he did say last week that I was about to get "wide." He claims I am putting words into his mouth and he did not say "wide." LOL He did say it because I remember thinking it was a very candid thing to say to a pregnant woman. Luckily, I'm not easily offended. I thought it was funny actually. I appreciate honesty!

I return in two weeks and at this point I start the Fetal Non-Stress tests. I will return weekly for appointments and non-stress tests until the babies are born. My next ultrasound is June 26th and I will be 34 weeks. I can't believe I am almost to weekly appointments! I think it might be time to buy some diapers and bottles!


Yesterday I had an interview for nursing school. I knew I had a slim chance getting in, so I resigned myself to the fact that there was the night and weekend program. Today I received an email with the subject "Congratulations!" from the nursing director and I have been selected! I can not even believe it. I am stunned. I think my chances of getting in were like 5% to 10%. I am one of ten people for this pilot program. The director said it's the first program of its kind and there will be a lot of people looking at it. No pressure. Holy smokes. I am ecstatic!!!! *smiling from ear to ear*

I can't believe I am going to nursing school! The director assured me that I will get over my fear of blood and needles. LOL, I hope so!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

28 Weeks!

I had my monthly appt. today. All is well still! Blood pressure creeped up a bit to 128/64, but the doctor said he won't get concerned unless it gets into the 140's. Baby A's heartrate was 148 and Baby B's was 143. I am measuring 32 weeks and weight gain is 33 pounds. In addition to the two Zantac I am taking, I can also take Pepcid two times daily as needed. My glucose was tested and hopefully I will pass that!!! Next week I go for an ultrasound and hopefully they will both be at least two pounds!

Here's 28 weeks: left with Addie, right with twins

Wow! That is a HUGE difference!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Operation: Application Turned In!

The deadline for the online application was today! Mine is turned in and now all I can do it wait. The online nursing program starts in the fall. Getting in will be a long shot though. They are only taking 10 applicants for RN. One of the secretaries said they had far more applicants than anticipated. I won't hold my breath!

I will apply for the night and weekend RN program that has a January 09 start though. That is the program I prefer anyway. I thought I blew my pre-nursing entrance exam. I wanted an 90+ on the Reading comprehension and came up short at an 85. Three answers I knew I had wrong after I had answered them, but the test is set up in a way that you can't go back and re-visit questions or change answers. The good news is, since I have perfect scores in two of the three criteria, this exam didn't do as much damage as I thought. On a scale of 12 points, I will bring a score of 11.4. I asked what the lowest score taken last year was and it was an 11.2. So, I put my fate in the hands of the other applicants. Remember, there are only 30 slots for over 300 applicants. There's nothing more I can do for this deadline, so I just have to hope for the best!!! If I don't get in, then I'll have to retake the Reading comprehension and apply for the Jan. 2010 program. Of course I got a 90 on the Math and 96 on the grammar, but those don't count.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my 35th birthday!!! It was a good birthday! Here's Addison helping me blow out the candles:
David and I had cake, but Addison doesn't like cake, so she had strawberries! Weird one, that Addie!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What a Week!!

This has been a big week! I finished my psychology class and am happy to report I earned my A! I finished my Micro class and am sure I got a B, which will ruin my A streak, but I am fine with that. Then there's the biggie: today I had my last day teaching students! That's amazing. Of course, I have to work until June 4th, but I don't have much to do. Fine by me!

Also, today I officially entered the third trimester!! That is very exciting! I am 27 weeks and full-term is a mere 10 weeks away! I was at the college yesterday and noticed my reflection in the door and thought I looked huge. I thought it must be the know how mirrors sometimes play tricks on you? So, I went to my room, dragged my aide outside to look and confirm whether the reflection was real or an illusion. A student passed by and had a good chuckle. My aide did indeed confirm the reflection is a true indication of how I look to her. Holy smokes! I do weigh the most I have every weighed now; I have reached that milestone. I had a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but it got pushed to next week. Bummer. I was looking forward to my fundal height measurement (where they tell you how many weeks you measure). I am sure it must be near 36 weeks! I guess I'll find out next week.

The babies room is painted! I just have to do the stripes now. Hopefully next week those will be complete!!!

That's my dad painting. He and mom are very good painters indeed. They didn't use any tape and their lines are flawless!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who is This Little Girl??

Ok, so I took these pics this morning and looking at them tonight I thought, "Who is this little girl?" It's amazing how fast she has been growing. She went to the doctor yesterday for an ear check because she had been complaining that "it burns," and she weighed 29.5 pounds. Her ears are all clear, and now I see the little girl standing before me that can tell me when there is something wrong? My baby's growing up!


I guess they don't stay babies forever!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Addison Dancing

Here are the 3D images the tech took at our last ultrasound. She said the babies were a bit small for good 3D views, but she tried anyway. If you look closely at baba A, you can see her foot by her head and also her hand. Poor thing was all crunched up! Also, in the video Addison is showing off her dance moves! Sorry for the quality, the website degrades the quality otherwise the data is too much! Enjoy! It has volume so just click the speaker on!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Yay, I just got my last assignment grade for my psych class. I got a 100!!!! WhOoPiE!! Now, if I get an 85 on my next test, I should have my "A" in the class and I won't have to take the final. WHHOOOOO HOOOO!!! I can't celebrate yet though, it's not over.

One more week of this. One test. One final, maybe two finals. One nursing entrance exam.

Nonni and Papa are painting the nursery right now. They are doing the ceiling and the walls. The green looks a little brighter on the can than I had anticipated. Hopefully, it won't turn into a bright green nightmare! We'll see. I'll paint the stripes after I make it through this crazy, brain-buster week!!! Back to reading about psychological disorders!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

26 weeks!!

My baby ticker is officially under 100 days!!! Of course I hope it is more like 80 days before the twins are born, but when I found out I was pregnant on November 26, 2007, I had like 245 days to go! Everything has been going well so far. Weight gain is 30-31 pounds, heartburn is everyday, but managable with Zantac, and my feet have started to swell in the late afternoon. Looking at these pictures, I can see where people would think I am due soon!

The nursery is all cleared out and ready for painting. Life is crazy up until May 10th, so I hope just to paint the ceiling by then and do the rest after! Hopefully we can get some stripes on the walls like these: Next doctor appt. is May 9th!

How will I EVER Manage!

So, I am to the point where people are asking me when I'm due, so I take that to mean I look due any day! I feel silly when I say August, but probably July and then explain it's twins.

As I am walking to my Micro class (it was the last one *clapping*) this women goes on to ask if they are my first and I say no, I have a two year old. Then she was like, "OH!" She proceeds to tell me a story (and we all know people have one to share and it's usually about how hard it's going to be...fine by me) about her good friend that was a successful, very well put together lawyer who had a two year old and then twins. She waited a few weeks before visiting her friend, so the friend could adjust. When she went to visit her very composed lawyer friend, she was a "train wreck." She said her friend was a mess and was asking her if she was there to help.

I can't imagine what this woman thought of me handling my kids. Obviously I am not a LAWYER, so I guess if the very well put together lawyer couldn't handle it, then I am really screwed because she probably perceived me as a college student. Get my meds ready! LOL, I had to laugh!

For my birthday, I would like this:

Ok I get it, someone's going to be crying, hungry or dirty and my house is going to be a disaster! Life will go on!!! :) But they will all be loved! How will I ever do it? ROFL!