Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

Addison started gymnastics about two months ago. She loves it. She is the youngest in her class. They do back bends and she couldn't do them. I can't show her how to do one because I can't do one to save my life. My friend Shelly can whip out a back bend. She was a gymnast though, and I was a swimmer. We didn't stretch! Anyway, Addison has this fierce determination (not sure where she gets that) and has been working and working on learning to do this. Well, last week she figured it out and has been showing them off ever since! Good for you Addison Kate! Mommy's so proud!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Pimpin'

So we have a new set of wheels. What we need is a minivan, but what we got (and I suppose we needed this too) is a Joovy Big Caboose. All the kids can ride. The twins have their spot and Addison has her spot. This thing is ridiculous. We already get lots of looks and comments, and this thing will attract more for sure. Addison can sit or stand. On the test drive around the neighborhood, she couldn't decide which to do! The stroller's great because there is a lot of room for the twins and the second seat is set up higher so that passenger has an unobstructed view! I love the new Joovy. It is a bit heavy and bulky, and I'm not quite sure if it will fit in the back of the 4-Runner. It surely must, otherwise it wouldn't be consumer friendly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras in Town Center

It's not quite New Orleans, but Addison liked it. We strolled in a bit late, but Addison was still able to catch some beads. She also got her face painted for the first time with a Dora the Explorer.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bridgefest 2009

Every year I try to do the local 5K called the Bridgefest. This year Addison was going to do the half mile run, but we didn't have her number at the start, so David didn't send her off. Oh well, next year she will do it. I didn't plan to push the twins, but Addison wanted to hang out with her friend Taylor, so I pushed the twins on their first run and road race. They slept most of the way and received a lot of comments from onlookers! Of course my time was slow since I am very out of shape, but we had fun!

Next year we will ALL do the race! David can push the twins though!

The twins prior to the race start! Landry holds bottle for first time!

Addison waiting!

Leslie and me!

Seven Months!

Here are some recent photos. Both babies went to the doctor this week and weighed in the 16 pound range. I think Landon caught up to Landry, but he was all fluffed up in warm ups so it's hard to say! Landon has finally started to roll several times a day now!

Landon's first fruit 2/5/09: prunes. Loved 'em!

Landry almost sitting up!

Landry's first fruit 2/5/09: Prunes! Delicious!

Taking a nap together. It lasted all of ten minutes.

Landry will be crawling very soon!