Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Go Play!

Today we went and met some other mom's of multiples out for a play date. Fun was had by all. Landry enjoyed climbing and playing with the bubbles, Landon enjoyed the bubbles and balls, and Addison liked jumping on trampolines and hanging upside down! The 45 minutes went by entirely too fast and I think we could have used another 45 minutes for sure! Maybe we'll make this a part of the Monday regimen and start the week of right!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Addie's First Hockey Game

Addison and I attended her first hockey game today. She seemed to enjoy it! If I tried to have a conversation with anyone around me, she would say, "Mommy, you're not paying attention!" They wouldn't let me bring my camera in because the zoom lense was too long. I could have gotten a good pic of "Chilly" if they did! Oh well, next time! Our seats were so high off the ground that my feet could not touch the ground. That was a little weird. I felt like I was five! We enjoyed cheering, doing the YMCA, eating popcorn, and hanging out with other families with multiples!!

Just before heading out the door!

Outside the arena

Of course you must get your face painted to show your support for the team!

And don't forget the glitter!

Having fun!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Houston Mounted Police Patrol

Today we joined the KAMOM (Kingwood Area Mothers of Multiples)group at the Houston Mounted Police Patrol! We brought our carrots and were ready to feed the horses. They have a very nice, new facility and welcome groups to come in and see their horses. They have quite a bit of acreage in the back and are building a covered arena.

Landon wearing "Mr. Horse Man's" hat.

"Mr. Horse Man" and the girls!

David feeding and looking a little scared!

Landry is the only kid to try her hand at feeding a horse!

The group! Notice the only escapee is my child!

One of the horses ready for a day's work!
Addison with the stables behind her!

And then we hit the park!

We've Been Watching for YOU!

We've been in this house for three years. We've had our bird feeder out all this time and this spring is the first time we have had a cardinal!!! Nothing against the finches, they are welcome too, but I like to get some red and blue birds as well! Still waiting on the bluejays! We even have our own pair of doves!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Job Interview!

All dressed up for only one reason, job interview!!!! I met with the human resources person who then took me to the unit manager. I will keep my fingers crossed that I get this position. It would be for well-baby, and NICU level II and eventually level III, plus I would get to work in transition and go to births! How cool would that be!!??

Addison giving me a good luck hug! I have her sticker on for good luck too!

I think the interview went well. I was there for two hours, that has to mean something, right!? The unit manager took me around and introduced me to all the nurses who were working on the unit. With my 100 applications out there, hopefully this will be it! I would be very happy to discontinue the job search and just start working! Please, call me and say, "you're hired!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bath Time

Every one in this house loves bath time. Landon loves to fill cups with water from the faucet, Landry loves to pour water into cups, and Addison loves to have oatmeal in her bath to mush it between her fingers.

The only part they don't like about bath time, is when it ends! Oh, and, earplugs!

Aug. 2009, 13 months

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


AKA: Lando

Personality: sweet, sensitive, and happy

Likes: cars, balls, trucks, following Landry, suckers, cheese, making a mess, his blankie, and playing in the bathtub

Dislikes: barking dogs, and getting his paci taken away

Landon loves to cuddle when he first wakes up. He likes for anyone to hold him, he has no preference really. He loves to bounce balls and play with his trucks. He even likes to play with Addison's doll house and push her stroller. He is protective of Landry, but is not afraid to inflict his own harm on her (he likes to pull her hair). This boy loves to eat and pretty much will eat anything. His new favorite food is pistachios. David called him Linus the other day. He drags his blue camouflage blanket around with him. He loves his paci and sucks on it all day long. He and Addie have very similiar personalities and looks and I often say, they should have been the twins. He is Landry's shadow though. He follows her around pretty much all day. We call him the "caveman" from time to time. He grunts a lot to get his needs met and has since he was a baby. He is using more words now though! Such a cute boy he is!


AKA: Lovey Lou

Personality: Super sweet, happy, and fearless

Loves: her loveys, climbing, watching TV (especially Elmo, granola bars, cookies, and fruit snacks

Dislikes: getting her hair dried, getting her teeth brushed, most fruit

Lovey Lou loves to cuddle. She is a very happy little girl and always has a smile on her face. She loves to say hi to everyone and hasn't met a stranger yet. She can draw you in and captavate you. She is super sweet, but don't let that smile fool you. She is mischievous. Turn your back for a second and she will be on the kitchen table, in the bathtub, on a chair, or even in the dryer. Landry loves to climb. She is light as a feather, but strong. She is a picky eater and it's very hard to go out to eat with her. She has already given up her highchair and can easily maneuver her way out of her stroller straps. She loves to give kisses.


AKA: Addie

Personality: active, stubborn, determined, caring, thoughtful

Loves: tumbling, her loveys, talking, people, dresses, macaroni and cheese, Disney princesses, and swimming

Dislikes: oatmeal or anything that resembles it, blood and any bodily injury no matter how small, and being alone

Addison Kate is a people person. She prefers to hang out with people than to play with toys. She loves to meet new friends and she loves to talk. She talks all day long. She is very active. Practicing her cartwheels is one of her favorite things to do. With a lot of practice, she taught herself to do a back bend. One day she hopes to be a ballerina, and every time we leave gymnastics, she had to go and watch them! She has been practicing standing on her toes! She loves the twins and is the best big sister. She knows when they have dirty diapers and will always tell. She is very protective of them. For some reason, she loves to carry Landry around all the time, but she never carries Landon around. I guess she thinks Landry is a doll. Her memory is amazing, and she can remember the smallest of things! Addison is delightful and we are so proud of what a great big sis she is!