Monday, January 16, 2012


Today we picked up one of Addison's BFFs and headed over to Mercer Aborateum to play! It's much prettier in the spring of course, but we still had lots of fun. I took first shift and David went for a run. Then I went for a run and when I got back, there were three cop cars and David had everyone loaded. As it turns out, a van dropped off some girls and they started fighting. A woman called the police, and then the kids took off. Really, at a park? We ventured to go to the aborateum at that point and do some exploring. There was a lot of walking involved, and I think everyone got tired! Mission accomplished! We'll head back in the Spring when the flowers are bloomed!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Addison!

Time really does go by too fast! Addison is six years old! She choose to have her birthday party at The Little Gym. She loves this place. This is her third birthday party there! It was neat to have her birthday and birthday party fall on the same day! It makes the day extra special when you can celebrate with all your friends!

Addison loves to sing. Her favorite artists now are Selena Gomez, Hannah Montana, and Taylor Swift. So, I made a CD with all her favorite songs so she can sing away on her new Barbie Karaoke!

Landry and Landon weren't feeling so great, so they spent their time in my lap. They ended up going home early and didn't get cake. Weeks later they are still asking about Addison's party and if we're going. Poor things!

With her friends Delaney, Katelyn, and Kasey!

Get your swords up!

Glad she picked the princess cake. The day will come too soon when she is too cool for princessess!

Cool candles we found. The flames were the color of the candle!

Me and my birthday girl! I just love her to pieces!

Landry slept through the fun!

Papa and Nonnie!

A special blanket that Nonnie knit. Addison loves the baby blanket that Nonnie knit, but I don't let her use them. So, she asked Nonnie to knit her a bigger blanket she can use. They picked out pretty yarn and Nonnie knit away adding in a little faux fur. Addison loves it and I don't fuss at her for using it!