Monday, March 28, 2011

More Flowers

While we were exploring flowers, we journeyed on to the local botanical gardens. This place has nothing on the Fort Worth botanical gardens, but it was still an adventure for the kids!

Bluebonnet Time

I almost forgot about taking pics with the bluebonnets this year! Yesterday I did a 75 mile bike ride that was called the Bluebonnet Express, and so I had lots of time to think. While seeing the bluebonnets on the ride (though the first bluebonnet didn't appear until mile 25), I remembered about taking the kids to the bluebonnets! The twins were very hard to pose in the bluebonnets this year! They did a great job not to pick the flowers though and were cautious not to step on them! Landon did manage to pick an Indian Paintbrush. I guess I should have told them not to pick the blue OR orange flowers! They plucked a few pink and yellow ones, but that was ok by me! My sweet girls!

The twins do have conversations now, which is super cute. I wonder what they are saying here!

Probably frustrated at me for asking her to look at me over and over!!

Trying to get all three to look at me! Impossible!

Landry was more interested in her flowers than taking pictures. You can see she's saying cheese though! Addison is trying to get her to look!

Addison was very willing to sit in the flowers!

Landon did not want to sit in the patch of flowers, so it's amazing I got this shot!

Moments before picking the flower. I can see what he's about to do and I know I'm saying, "No Landon, leave the flower alone!" Then pluck. What can you do?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carnival Time

Houston Rodeo 2011 We had a difficult time getting there with all the traffic and finding a cash lot to park in, but once we got on the bus, all was better. Addison was excited to ride in the bus. We had lots of fun at the petting zoo and riding the rides. We got to one pony ride as they were just closing it down because the ponies were anxious, and then other one closed right as we got there. So, we missed the pony rides. That's ok though, because there was plenty to see and do! We had cotton candy, popcorn, and dipping dots! We closed the place down and everyone fell right to sleep in the car! Looking forward to going next year!

A steering wheel, buttons, and lights. What more could a little boy want?

Moments before Landry crawled behind Addison. Thankfully the ride ended.
After Landry fell and scratched up her face and arm. Poor baby girl!

Landry had no problem climbing on to the big tractors!

Of all the kids, he was the most difficult to get on the tractor. Who would have thought?
Addison's a big fan of the John Deere tractors.
A super soft bunny! The llama kept following us around and trying to get the food. Addison was not a fan of the llama.
Landon's a little apprehensive of the animals, but he'll touch them. He just won't feed them.
Landry's the brave one. She'll touch and feed them all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday David!

Happy 39th Birthday to David. Ten years ago, when David turned 29, it was very traumatic for him! He made a lot of comments about turning 30 and it was clear he was not happy about it. Today, David turned 39 and handled it very well! I guess he's in a happier place now! haha

So, to celebrate his birthday we went to Joe's Crab Shack!

I called Ms. Stacy to see if she could watch the kids. She said "yes!" Phew!

Landry has missed Ms. Stacy. She wouldn't leave her lap!

Might as well get a group shot in since someone can take the pic!

We're going to get our hair cut tomorrow, so this can be our before shot!

The birthday boy!

David ordered the steam pot. That boy loves his seafood!

They asked if they could embarrass him. I said, "Yes!" For Addison's sake of course!