Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blueberry Picking We Will Go

This was Addison's second trip to pick blueberries. She was three the first time. She actually did much better when she was three! She wasn't worried about ants and bugs as much! This was the twins first time! We went late in the day so the heat wouldn't be too bad, but the snow cone stand was closed. That was a disappointment for sure!

Looks loving, but I think Landry is actually squeezing his hand. He doesn't seem to mind!

Searching for the flags that tells us where the best blueberries to pick are!

The blueberries were tinier than several years ago, but still sweet!

Addison looks like she is squeezing them!

The boys

Landon picked a few and ate a few. That boy ate a lot actually!
We weren't out there long. They were hot and kept finding fire ant piles to step in. Next time we will wear boots!

Until next time!