Saturday, December 22, 2007

Addison's First Day at the Spa

Addison had her first haircut today! Though her curls are very cute, the back of her hair was becoming mullet-like. My dear friend Kelly recommended taking her to Glitz and Glam. I was worried Addison would cry the whole time and not sit still because she really does not sit still well.

Upon our arrival to the salon, Addison was given a pink robe to put on. She sat in the chair to have her baby locks cut off. She really did not mind having her hair cut at all. I think she enjoyed all the mirrors and bright colors in the shop. The hairstylist saved Addison's curls and put them in a little mesh sack for safe-keeping. After she cut Addison's hair, she put it in a ponytail up top and glittered her hair. Following the haircut, Addison was given a pedicure, complete with glitter polish. She received the whole princess treatment and loved every minute of it. She even was given a certificate to take home with her and put in her scrapbook!

First haircut: success!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Twins! Are you sure?

Today we learned Addison would be the big sister to twins. It was very exciting news! David did not believe it at first, he thought Dr. Anding must be joking. Before the ultrasound, I made the comment to "show me twins". Half joking, half serious. Twins run in the family. My sister has a set of identical twin boys, Kevin and Matt, and there are five sets on my grandmother's side. So the odds are good that I could have twins. I really wanted twins because I have always wanted three children. David only wanted two. So this was my chance at having three kids and there was not much David could argue with!!!Two sacs = TWINS!

Baby A 7 weeks

Baby B 7 weeks

During the ultrasound Dr. Anding quickly looks through and then stops. Immediately I think he sees nothing. There is no baby. I am struck with fear. I say, "What's wrong, you don't see anything?" Dr. Anding replies, "You got your wish, Merry Christmas" and then shows us what he immediately saw, the twins. David reacts with shock and says, "You are joking right?" But there they are, and there is no denying there is two of them. Our blessings right there on the screen in black and white! Aside from the fact he did not want twins, after the initial shock, I think David handled it very well. I might even say he is excited about it now!!! In that moment, our lives have changed. It will be a drastic change to go from one child to three children!

So, we have many obstacles to face in the months to come as we prepare to have two new babies in our lives. How will we afford two babies? Will I continue to work or stay home? What kind of car will fit three car seats that we can afford if we lose my income? Do I REALLY have to drive a minivan? How do you get two babies and a stubborn toddler out the door and juggle them in public? How will Addison adjust to this change? Will Ziggy, the puppy, calm down by then or might we have to find him a new home?

There are a lot of things to consider. Having multiples and a two year old will be all sorts of fun and adventures!