Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dewberry Farm

We just love hanging out at Dewberry Farm. It's a quite simple place which makes it that much better! It can be a little cramped up before Halloween so we opted to go after!

Looks like Addison has grown two inches since last year!

Landon has grown about three inches.
Landry has grown two inches from last year.

First time for everyone to ride the carts. This was Landon's favorite!
Landry didn't want to ride the carts at first, but once she got started she seemed to enjoy it!
One of my favorite picture spots!
Addison drove the four wheeler. I took one for a spin, and it's quite the workout!

Going on the new train!

The barrel pull is aways a good time!

Looks like a Texan to me!
My little cowboy!


Today Landry wrote her name for the first time! We've been working on the letters of her name for the past couple of weeks and today she wrote them all! That's my girl!