Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dewberry Farm

We just love hanging out at Dewberry Farm. It's a quite simple place which makes it that much better! It can be a little cramped up before Halloween so we opted to go after!

Looks like Addison has grown two inches since last year!

Landon has grown about three inches.
Landry has grown two inches from last year.

First time for everyone to ride the carts. This was Landon's favorite!
Landry didn't want to ride the carts at first, but once she got started she seemed to enjoy it!
One of my favorite picture spots!
Addison drove the four wheeler. I took one for a spin, and it's quite the workout!

Going on the new train!

The barrel pull is aways a good time!

Looks like a Texan to me!
My little cowboy!


Today Landry wrote her name for the first time! We've been working on the letters of her name for the past couple of weeks and today she wrote them all! That's my girl!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Here are the little goblins for this year. Addison was a dark cheerleader, Landry a mermaid and Landon was a transformer. We ate at Mission Burrito before going to my parents and heading out.

Our friend and neighbor Murphy met up with us. She was the perfect Belle!

Addison and Landon were running house to house. Landry was ok just to walk! She tripped over her mermaid tail a couple of times, one time yielded in tears.

With Nonnie and Papa. They were outside with tables and fellow neighbors. Nonnie of course provided some snacks.

We made out with quite a bit of candy. We sorted it the next day and divided it up between the three. 261 pieces of candy after several were already consumed! We had 15 sweet tarts, 10 Reeses, 6 bubble gum, 26 suckers, 20 starburst, 20 tootsie rolls, 6 licorice, 8 nerds, 2 skittles, 2 sweetarts, 18 whoopers, 1 milk dud, 1 pixy stick, 15 m&ms, 1 swedish fish, 3 gobstoppers, 17 laffy taffy, 9 misc. hard candies, and 81 chocolate candy bars. I was surprised that we didn't get any gummy  lifesavers!! A good time was had by all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last year around Christmas time I was at my parent's house and my nieces were watching a Justin Bieber video. Addison, Landry, and I all got sucked in to the video and ended up putting it on Netflix at home. Landry, in particular, really loved the video and watched it every day for at least a month. Needless to say, when we saw he was coming in concert, we knew we must go! I had to work the day tickets went on sale so I told David he must get them! At first when he tried to buy them, it said sold out. He just kept trying to put tickets in his cart and after MANY tries, he got us three seats!!!!! We were so excited!
Here we are on our way to the concert! Landry was very cute. She waved her light stick before the concert and chanted, "Justin, Justin, Justin...." before he came on stage. He did play a lot of songs from his new album that we didn't know, but when he did play the songs we knew, we all sang along! He put on a great concert and we all had fun! David and Landon had some boy time and went to Chuck E Cheese! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Texas Kids Triathlon

Addison did her first triathlon! It was a USAT sanctioned race which probably wasn't the best one to do for her first race. I couldn't go into transition and help her set up her stuff. They had volunteers in there, so I just had to call someone to help her. Crisis averted!

Landon and Landry look on.

Before the start. Madison (daughter of a friend from work) was supposed to do the tri with her, but backed out. I was afraid to tell Addison in fear she would back out also.

Her cheering squad!

The princess bike racked and ready to roll. I did see one girl do the race with training wheels.

Addison was in the very front of the line of swimmers. A lady grabbed her and shoved her into the lane to start swimming.

Addison was in tears after the swim. I thought she would stop. I didn't know what was wrong with her. She was upset the lady shoved her into the water. I would be too!
 Her swim time for 50 yards was 1:44 (rank 28/40).

Her very first transition was rough. I gave her running shorts to put on and a tshirt. She couldn't get the shorts up because she was wet and had a hard time with her shirt. I should have just given her a race belt and told her to throw shoes on. I had to hollar at a lady to help her. She was in there forever and kids were in and out! T1 time 5:24.

Rolling out on her princess bike for a 1 mile trek. Bike time 6:43 (8.9 MPH/rank 26/40).
Half mile run around the track and looking strong! Run time 4:56 (9:52 pace/rank 25/40).
I'm so proud of her for sticking to it and finishing!  Total time was 19:17 (rank 33/40). Way to go Addison!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


There's a new girl in town and her name is Pixie. David and I did a lot of research in finding the perfect dog for our family. I wanted a running partner. David didn't really want a dog at all. I did however get him to agree to a bichon frise. I think it helped his friend James in Louisiana had one and he liked their dog. So, we searched endlessly for a breeder we liked and David found one about five hours away. We were torn between "pink" puppy and "black" puppy. I told David to meet them both and decide after getting to know them. Someone else buying a puppy the same day got there right before David and changed their mind and bought "black" puppy, so Pixie came home to us! She is so sweet and loves her stomach to be pet!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Go Flyers!

This is Addison's first swim meet! She was hesitiant to join swim team, but I think she's having lots of fun.

Her first race ever! So cute up there on the block. She swam 25 yards free in 44.13. Way to go Addie!

Look at that form on backstroke. She won a ribbon for 6th place with a time of 39.98. Way to go Addison!