Monday, April 19, 2010

Bluebonnets! Take Two!

Ok, this patch was a little bit easier. It was not right near a busy road. It was on a steep and dusty hill, but that's what makes it adventurous!

Bluebonnets! Take One!

If you live in Texas, then it is such a fun thing to take pictures in the bluebonnets. Well, I say that, but I don't think my kids agree!!! I mean, come on, it's the perfect background. Okay, there's a little dirt and such, but the color of the bluebonnets is stunning! Take the kids into the patch, and snap the perfect picture! Sometimes.

One minute ago I was crying. Now I am happy!

Thou shall not pose. Thou will run!

Two pretty girls sitting on a rock!

Sigh. Can I pick the flowers now?

BEE, people, BEE!!!

I want to run. Flowers are for girls!

I prefer the swing, thanks!

There's a horse on the way!

I do not like horses, Addison I am!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Berry Pickin' Fun

Today we ventured off to the local strawberry farm to pick (and eat) strawberries. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect weather for picking berries. The farm was huge and we only had to stay in a couple of rows to fill buckets full of ripe red strawberries!

Sunscreen on and ready to go!

Our friends Natalie and Claire met us there to join in the fun! It's always better with friends!

Off on the mission at hand!

Landon ate lots of berries. He would take a bite and throw it in the bucket, or just eat the whole thing stem and all!

Whoa! Too many berries!

So many ripe berries to pick!

Landry knew to pick the red and not green! Good job Landry!

Sweet girl!

Look at this perfect one!

A job well done! Lots of berries to take home! Good job kiddos!