Sunday, August 12, 2012

Texas Kids Triathlon

Addison did her first triathlon! It was a USAT sanctioned race which probably wasn't the best one to do for her first race. I couldn't go into transition and help her set up her stuff. They had volunteers in there, so I just had to call someone to help her. Crisis averted!

Landon and Landry look on.

Before the start. Madison (daughter of a friend from work) was supposed to do the tri with her, but backed out. I was afraid to tell Addison in fear she would back out also.

Her cheering squad!

The princess bike racked and ready to roll. I did see one girl do the race with training wheels.

Addison was in the very front of the line of swimmers. A lady grabbed her and shoved her into the lane to start swimming.

Addison was in tears after the swim. I thought she would stop. I didn't know what was wrong with her. She was upset the lady shoved her into the water. I would be too!
 Her swim time for 50 yards was 1:44 (rank 28/40).

Her very first transition was rough. I gave her running shorts to put on and a tshirt. She couldn't get the shorts up because she was wet and had a hard time with her shirt. I should have just given her a race belt and told her to throw shoes on. I had to hollar at a lady to help her. She was in there forever and kids were in and out! T1 time 5:24.

Rolling out on her princess bike for a 1 mile trek. Bike time 6:43 (8.9 MPH/rank 26/40).
Half mile run around the track and looking strong! Run time 4:56 (9:52 pace/rank 25/40).
I'm so proud of her for sticking to it and finishing!  Total time was 19:17 (rank 33/40). Way to go Addison!!!!

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