Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Here are the little goblins for this year. Addison was a dark cheerleader, Landry a mermaid and Landon was a transformer. We ate at Mission Burrito before going to my parents and heading out.

Our friend and neighbor Murphy met up with us. She was the perfect Belle!

Addison and Landon were running house to house. Landry was ok just to walk! She tripped over her mermaid tail a couple of times, one time yielded in tears.

With Nonnie and Papa. They were outside with tables and fellow neighbors. Nonnie of course provided some snacks.

We made out with quite a bit of candy. We sorted it the next day and divided it up between the three. 261 pieces of candy after several were already consumed! We had 15 sweet tarts, 10 Reeses, 6 bubble gum, 26 suckers, 20 starburst, 20 tootsie rolls, 6 licorice, 8 nerds, 2 skittles, 2 sweetarts, 18 whoopers, 1 milk dud, 1 pixy stick, 15 m&ms, 1 swedish fish, 3 gobstoppers, 17 laffy taffy, 9 misc. hard candies, and 81 chocolate candy bars. I was surprised that we didn't get any gummy  lifesavers!! A good time was had by all!

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